Club Updates

Registration Now Available!

Registration for 2020 is now available!  You can visit our membership page to learn more about our program this summer, and our registration page to register now.

Looking for a Coach!

As we prepare for a return regular programming, we are looking for a few coaches to help run our lesson program.  If you are interested in applying, review this page for more information and an application form.

2020 Season Update

We have hired staff for this summer.  Welcome to Holly, Abigayle and Will!

The facility will be opening fully on June 18th, 2020.  Our hours of operation are listed on our club information page.

Other Notes:

  • Online registration is now available!  You can find out more details on our membership page. 
  • We will be offering a new online court booking system for 2020.  You will see details on the membership page next week as well.
  • Playing tennis will be very different this summer, so all members and visitors are asked to review and be familiar with the COVID-19 restrictions on tennis play.

Activity Options

This season, we have introduced a hitting partner group chat.  Using Signal Private Messenger we have set up a group chat to help members find partners to play singles or doubles with.  To participate, you need to install Signal Private Messenger on your phone, and then reach out to a member in the group to get added.  More information is provided upon signup.

Future Programming

We are currently having internal discussions regarding what type of tennis programming we may be able to offer.  This includes a limited lesson program, leagues, tournaments and social events.  What we can offer, and when will depend upon the public health orders over the summer, as well as direction from the City of Mount Pearl.

What's Coming Up